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With warmer weather on the horizon and many outdoor activities to enjoy in the Columbus, Ohio area, it’s a great time to think about your eyes. Whether its seasonal allergies or dryness that makes wearing contacts difficult in the spring, or the burden of glasses in trying to enjoy all your outdoor activities, its likely you will experience frustration in seeing this upcoming season.

Have you been thinking about getting LASIK, but have been putting it off for years? It’s time to weigh the benefits and make a decision that can change your life for the better. While there are many reasons for you to get LASIK, we have compiled our top 3 favorites.




This is the most common reason why people get LASIK procedures done. Once you have LASIK, gone are the days of waking up and immediately looking for your glasses so that you can see clearly. How many times have you run out of contact solution and been forced to drive to the store to buy more or having to go the day without being able to see clearly? On the flipside, imagine being able to fall asleep without worrying about taking your contacts out or setting your glasses down in a place where you won’t step on them. It may seem like a simple thing, but being able to live with one less stress can add up over the years. Free yourself from the worry of contacts and glasses and give your eyes the treatment they deserve.




Does wearing contacts or glasses give you perfect vision? Yes and no. Many people experience better vision with LASIK than they did while wearing glasses or contacts. With new technologies being employed, it is now likely that your vision will be even better than you expected. Not only will you not have the hassle of contacts and glasses, but you will be able to see the world in a way you had previously not thought possible.




The cost of glasses or a box of contacts has increased over the years. It is not uncommon to spend upwards of $800 on expensive frames or a year supply of daily disposable contacts. These costs really add up over the years to a substantial amount of money! While LASIK is a greater cost up-front, the long-term savings can be greater and the value – immeasurable. So, consider ditching the expense associated with disposable products and invest in a lasting solution to your visual needs. We offer financing options for those that want to reap the benefits of LASIK treatment but need an extended payment plan.

Whether it’s the freedom from glasses or contacts that you seek, or the savings you will see over time, LASIK is the best option for anyone seeking to better their lives through their vision. Contact us today to see how we can change your life.