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LASIK (laser vision correction) is a well-established and popular procedure that can help restore your vision and give you the quality of sight that you’ve always wanted. Not only will it improve your vision, but LASIK can help people with astigmatism (cornea imperfections). Because it’s labeled as surgery, it’s normal to have concerns about any pain that you may experience during and after laser eye surgery. One of the most asked questions we get about vision correction is “Is LASIK painful?”. We aim to provide education for the Columbus, Ohio area about the most commonly asked questions associated with getting this procedure to help give you peace-of-mind about all things LASIK.


Preparing for the Laser Eye Surgery


Before getting LASIK, you must first be qualified as a candidate. During your quick and free testing, we can determine if the stability of your vision and health of your eye qualify you as a candidate. If you are not a candidate, you may be offered another procedure that can help. On the day of your vision correction procedure, you will be given numbing eye drops to avoid any pain or discomfort. Additionally, if you have any problems relaxing for your procedure, you may be prescribed medication by your surgeon. The goal of any LASIK procedure is to correct your vision with as little pain involved as possible.


What to Expect During Your Procedure


After your eye drops and any necessary medication have been given to you, your procedure will start and you will be on the path to better vision. Because the eye drops are numbing, you don’t need to be given any anesthesia. The drops will prevent you from feeling any pain or discomfort. It is possible to feel slight pressure for a very short time during your procedure, but this is rarely described as pain or discomfort. Most LASIK surgeries only take about 15 minutes total for both eyes. After the procedure is finished, patients are usually able to go home within an hour!


What to Expect After Your Procedure


After LASIK, you are given antibiotic eye drops that are to be used for a few days to help avoid any post-procedure complications as well as any other instructions your surgeon may recommend. Your surgeon will also likely recommend a follow-up visit to make sure your eyes are healing correctly. Because LASIK is such a well-established procedure, there is rarely ever pain or discomfort in the days following your surgery. Some people have experienced improved vision immediately following their procedure. In fact, most patients return to their normal activities the day after surgery and experience full recovery as soon as a few weeks!


Possible LASIK Complications


LASIK is currently FDA approved and is a well-established and popular means of correcting your vision. With any surgery, however, there are cases where complications from LASIK have been experienced. Some common risks and possible side effects are:

  • Dryness in the eyes
  • Glare, halos, or double vision
  • Flap problems
  • Under corrections or over corrections
  • Vision changes
  • Astigmatism

It’s important to talk with your surgeon about all of the potential risks associated with LASIK and how likely you are to experience them.



In short, LASIK is a pain-free and safe procedure for a majority of the population. With an experienced team and a strong reputation, the likelihood of you experiencing any pain, discomfort or side effects is rare. Contact us today to find out more information.