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Robin F. Beran, MD, FACS, ABES | Aaron V. Weber, MD | Danielle Bartholomew, OD

Advanced Surface Treatment

Advanced Surface Treatment (AST) is our procedure of choice for eyes requiring surface treatment. It is the most recent modification of PRK and Epi-LASEK. Combining the best qualities of both previous procedures, it has improved both the speed of visual recovery and the comfort after treatment.

AST is a painless 10 minute procedure that begins with the gentle removal of a small area of the surface tissue over the central cornea. The laser is then applied to the structural layer of the eye to change its shape and correct the vision. A clear, soft contact lens is applied which acts like a bandage and helps healing.

Over the next 4-7 days, the surface skin regenerates and the bandage contact is removed. The comfort and vision vary while the eye is healing, however, vision is usually adequate to drive and return to work soon after the bandage lens is removed.

The long term success and safety of surface treatments are well documented.

LASIK and AST are equally effective, both are performed with the same laser and yield the same great outcome. The extensive experience of Dr. Beran and his entire staff is imperative in selecting the optimal technique for each eye. It is our goal to design a personalized treatment plan using the best and safest technique for each individual.

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